Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Galilee: Day 3

This day was probably easily the hottest day of my life. I think I sweat more than any other day in my life too. It was a TON of fun though (except for when I thought I was going to die ha).

Our first stop was Gamla which is Hebrew for camel, because it looks like a camel's hump.
We hiked to the bottom of this hill to get to the synagogue seen below.  Then a few of us ran up to the top of the camel's hump (literally ran).  Then we had to climb back up the hill to get back to the buses (this is where I thought I was going to die)
The synagogue that Christ might have preached in (notice not very many people in the picture - we were all crammed up against the wall to get whatever shade we could find)
We conquered the camel's hump!
Good thing we didn't die coming back up the final hill to the busses
Vultures were everywhere!

Our next stop was Hippos.  I wasn't too excited to be here cause I was hot and tired.  The two pictures below are about the extent of my picture taking at this location.

Our teachers kept warning us about the mines and to not go wandering off the path at Hippos.  I'm sure glad cause my first thought was to go running right into the barb-wire fence
I'm not sure what this was but I took it at Hippos.

 We headed back to En Gev for lunch then after we had an optional hike we could go on.  So as if I hadn't had enough hiking for one day, I decided to go.
Some of the views from our hike.

Waterfall number two.  We got to go swimming here. Made the whole hike worth it

This was pretty much the very end of our hike

Our awesome guide.  He would give us riddles during our breaks and at the next resting spot we would have to tell him the solutions we came up with.

Galilee: Day 1

Ok so finals week in Jerusalem absolutely sucks! I studied all day for a one credit pass/fail final and I don't even know if I did good or not.  Sorry Brother Jackson but I believe that that is a little ridiculous.  Anyways, I am taking a break and blogging a little bit about Galilee :)

Our first day in Galilee we went on a boat ride across the Sea of Galilee, up the Mt. of Beatitudes, down to St. Peter's Primacy, and finally to the Church of Multiplication.

Anna-Marie, Nate, Me, and Rachel on the boat ride across the sea of Galilee.

Me by an anciet fishing boat they found that is probably like the one Christ would have gone on.
The view from the Mt. of Beatitudes

(mustard plants)
(mustard seeds)
Brother Jackson pointed out mustard plants on the way down the Mt. of Beatitudes. We ate the mustard seeds and, surprise! they tasted like mustard ha.

My camera died right after this so I don't have any more pictures from this day. Sorry.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Old City

Here is just a little bit of what I see on a pretty regular basis in the Old City.

The Dome of the Rock/ The Temple Mt.
I don't go up on the temple Mt. too often but the dome of the rock is a pretty regular sight here in Jerusalem.

Via Dolorosa-the stages of the Cross.  This happens every Friday at four.  They walk through all the stages of the cross and explain what happened at every station.

A lady carrying tons of stuff on her head.  This is really common.  Its crazy that they don't drop them especially when there are always so many people in the streets (or at least on this street) normally.

At Shabans.  He fed us all hummus.  He really does love the Mormons :)

Me and some of my friends.  Nassir is on the left - he is a shop keeper who sells us scarves for really good prices.  Awkman (I don't know how to spell his name) is on the right - he tried to get us to buy something from him, we didn't buy anything but we gave him a cool Canada tatoo so we became friends.

This is where we get really good shwarma.  It's right inside damascus gate. If you are ever in Jerusalem this is a good place to try it

The Western Wall.  This was taken during Shavuot so a lot of them wear white to show their striving for purity.

Some of the streets of Jerusalem.  Top left taken in Muslim quarter.  Top right taken in Jewish quarter. Bottom taken right outside Shabbans shop - pretty sure its in the Muslim quarter.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Life around the center

Me and Dana (my awesome roommate) dressed pretty much exactly alike one Saturday on accident.

The rest of these pictures are from one day that me and Haley were really bored but really hyper so we went around the center taking pictures of all the things people were doing.  Also I have kind of become picture happy because its almost over :(

Sunset Club on the seventh floor lawn.  Usually there are a lot more people but this day only a few of us showed up.  We had to relocate to the side of the center because a concert was going on in the auditorium.  The four above had a F.D. (formal date) so me and Haley had our own.

Some studying going on on the fourth floor loby.

A bunch of people watching Modern Family.

Studious students working hard in the study room.

Shekel Shack!!!

Some people hanging out in the gym

Faras.  The best security gaurd at the JC

This was how we ended our picture taking.  In the dome classroom on facebook.

Saturday, July 7, 2012


The Siq
We had to walk through this to get to the treasury.  In the morning it wasn't too busy but when we were walking back through it we had to be careful not to get ran over by the horses or carriages taking people through.

 My first view of the treasury and Nate me and Kenzie in front of the treasury.

Riding a camel in front of the treasury

 Some tombs on our way to the monastery

Me in front of the Great Temple (although you cant really see the great temple ha) and me and Whitney with the Petersons in front of some pillars.  Pillars are everywhere we go

 On the way up to the Monastery.  Just taking a break.  We climbed about 800 steps

Finally made it to the top (it actually took us only 26 min - it was supposed to take 40 to 45 min).  Climbing those 800 stairs were definately worth it.

We also had an awesome lunch in Petra and went to the Royal tombs but I dropped my camera in sand after the Monastery so I dont have anymore pictures from the rest of Petra.